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10 02 2008

Dear all, I do not blog here anymore. Kindly visit for the updated blog =)



Press Release: PakMarkaz.Net Launched

1 01 2008

Karachi, Tuesday, 1st January 2008: A group of patriotic Pakistani’s has launched the PakMarkaz Network today. It is a website aimed at spreading awareness and a spirit of unity amongst Pakistani’s worldwide. The website, has a solid mission statement:


“To unite, make aware, enlighten and empower the people of Pakistan by providing a strong platform to those who have a vision, and to those who wish to be guided, on the principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline.”


The PakMarkaz Network has over 30 authors who are all collectively known as the Ambassador’s of Truth. Visitors and readers may “Talk-Back” and express their views on all articles and content that appears on the website. The writers are students and graduates from leading universities of Pakistan who wish to bring about a positive change in the country and its people. Relaunch!

30 12 2007

Yes Everybody, Launching 1st January, with its team of Ambassadors of Truth! We are going to change the way this nation thinks! We will revolutionize our country to stunning awareness and progress!

I must say, there has been an over-whelming response by people who wish to be heard and make a difference, and the voice of the people of Pakistan, from 1st January onwards, will be the PakMarkaz Network!


WiMAX Launched in Pakistan

23 12 2007

This is an official press release sent to

Wateen Telecom, an Abu Dhabi Group venture in Pakistan, launches its WiMAX and HFC services for the consumer markets today. The launch will allow Wateen customers to have voice, telephony and broadband internet.

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Me and My… Moooossssoooo!

11 12 2007

I, in my entire life that spans around 20 years, have never been so close to anyone (apart from my family). I find myself highly inspired by this little man, I find myself very close and absolutely honest to him.

I’m talking about arguably the best friend, the best brother I’ve found for myself ever, Mustafa Haroon aka “Mooooooosssssooooooooo”.

To him, every pixel has a meaning, to me, every meaning has a pixel, or every meaning can be expressed as a pixel on this darn screen in front of you! (lame, haan?) =P

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NIE throws a pigeon among the ‘big’ cats

11 12 2007

The following article appeared in the Gulf News daily (published in the UAE). It was interesting so I would like to share it here:

The US and Israel have yet to retract their claws when it comes to Iran. The recently published US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) clearly states Tehran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons programme, which logically should dampen fears.

But instead of drawing comfort from the findings of 16 US intelligence agencies, George W. Bush and Ehud Olmert are out there hyping up a non-existent threat, while their sycophants work hard at blowing as many holes in the NIE as they can. Read the rest of this entry » – What’s up?

7 12 2007

Hey everyone! started to sound old and boring, so here is a change! Yep! A new vision, a new name to my blogging!

Ammar-3Sixty :

What’s it about? Its about How I see the World, and how the world see’s me!

I hope you all like the new name, the new look and the new theme behind this little website!

Best of Luck! To All of You!